We envision a world where science is accessible to everyone

A boutique agency with big ideas

We are scientists, storytellers, and artists, fueled by creativity, curiosity, and a shared desire to make a real difference.

We combine critical thinking and diverse perspectives to create impactful work – not just for our clients’ ROI, but the patients and communities they serve.

Science is more than just a method for us, it’s in our DNA. We believe science:

Brings us together to solve problems

Transforms how we understand the world and ourselves

Illuminates what we have yet to learn

Is for anyone who has ever asked why, when, or how

Powered by purpose

Speaking of Science was born of our founder Aimee Swartz’s lifelong love of science and its ability to answer the big questions. In founding Speaking of Science, Aimee’s goal was simple: to make science understandable, inclusive, and personal.

Prior to Speaking of Science, Aimee spent most of her career as a medical writer and science journalist. She has written for The Washington Post, The Atlantic, New York Magazine and other leading publications, sparking conversations about some of the most pressing challenges facing scientific and medical communities.

Our values drive our standards

Accuracy matters. We are exact, detailed, and diligent. Flawless execution. Seamless delivery. 

Time is everything for our partners and their patients. We move swiftly, decisively, and with purpose.  

Science is for all of us. Everyone deserves access to reliable, comprehensive, and timely information.

We build relationships, not transactions. We take time to understand our clients and consider their audiences and goals our own.


We constantly ask questions to learn how we can make a difference. As the healthcare landscape evolves, we embrace staying ahead of the curve. 

We partner with science writers, designers, and strategists at all stages of their careers.

Calling the curious and creative

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