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Digital tool demonstrates workflow upgrades, patient impact

A biopharma client* approached Speaking of Science to help them develop a digital tool that would allow the field force to quickly and simply demonstrate the value of integrating a liquid biopsy testing approach into their practice. This involved taking a deep dive into our target audience’s needs and pain points to deliver a calculator that visualizes not only practice enhancements, but meaningful, potentially life-changing impact to patients.

Our high-level goals were to: 
1. Validate giving doctors more control over their time thru faster test results 
2. Provide downloadable report functionality as a follow-up resource  


User Research & Persona Development
Site Maps & Wireframes 
UX/UI Design 


* In compliance with our non-disclosure agreement, we have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study, including client and product names.

Primary audience needs identified through research and analysis

What we heard

Our insight driven design: more patients receive guideline-complete results, more patients with actionable biomarker identified—on a shorter timeline

We learned that many physicians rely on SOC tissue testing for cancer diagnoses but are open to alternative genomic profiling tools, particularly those that are well-validated and offer both practice efficiencies and improvements to patient care. Drawing on published literature, we developed an interactive “Impact Calculator” to allow HCPs to quickly visualize how a liquid biopsy testing approach could enable their practice to provide complete genomic results to more patients, identify more patients eligible for biomarker-driven therapy, and return test results — enabling faster time-to-treat — in a fraction of the time as tissue testing.

Audience profile


the solution