Calculating the impact of liquid biopsy testing

National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines recommend broad, panel-based testing for all patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, but many don’t receive it, increasing the risk of less effective treatment choices and suboptimal outcomes.

We collaborated with our client, a precision oncology company, to create a digital tool that demonstrates in real-time the value of integrating a liquid biopsy biomarker testing approach into routine clinical practice.

The challenge

Our approach

How we helped

  • UX research
  • Copywriting
  • Medical writing
  • Message testing
  • UX design
  • Web development
  • Custom code build


Integrating liquid biomarker testing into routine practice identifies more patients who are eligible for targeted therapy – an important  part of improving outcomes

Uncovering audience motivations behind testing behavior

Our research and analysis uncovered our target audience’s needs and pain points. We created profiles of the intended users — healthcare providers including physicians, nurses, and nurse practitioners — to identify their motivations and priorities.

Through one-on-one interviews and focus groups, we learned that while many providers rely on standard of care tissue testing to diagnose a cancer, they are open to alternative genomic profiling tools, particularly well-validated ones that offer both practice efficiencies and improved patient care.

Designing an intuitive and impactful experience

We incorporated interactive, tactile elements into the tool’s design for an engaging user experience. A simple visual language with ample negative space and a minimalist copywriting approach ensure seamless navigation, keeping the focus on key takeaways.

We built our algorithm based on findings from a landmark study demonstrating concordance between liquid biopsy and tissue testing.

Leveraging literature for custom code

The intuitive design quickly visualizes an increase in patients receiving complete genomic results, an increase in patients eligible for biomarker-driven therapy, and a decrease in test turnaround time—enabling faster time-to-treat.

Empowering healthcare providers 

The impact calculator helps providers quickly visualize workflow updates and patient impact, and they can conveniently download a summary of the results to revisit or share with colleagues.

As a result, they can more easily integrate liquid biomarker testing into routine practice to identify more patients who are eligible for targeted therapy — a critical step to better outcomes.

A digital tool visualizing workflow updates, patient impact

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